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Griffith Observatory

For as long as we can remember, we’ve been gazing at the stars. What can we say?! We’re dreamers. We’d each lived in LA, but neither of us had ever been to the top of the park. So we sequined and sparkled up and decided to find out what was up there. It was a grey day, but the rain held off just long enough...


We’re seriously obsessed with rompers and jumpsuits. We’re embarrassed to say how many we have between us (you’ll have to buy us more wine first, babe!) but we will say that our closets are a bit...crowded.

We love to pair rompers with a fabulous pair of heels, a gorgeous lacy bra, and a few killer pieces of jewelry, but they also make perfect bikini cover-ups after a day at the lake.

Enjoy this romp through the Austin sunset with us, then visit TOBI styled x SIGNY to stock up for your summer adventures. You’ll get 50% off your first order, and if you’re anything like us, you know you need new shorts, tanks, and dresses too. Get to work, beauty! ;)


We wrote “Clean” to paint a picture of what it's like to struggle with demons that often overwhelm you without warning. We both have experienced the magnitude of childhood trauma. We've been to the underworld and returned to the land of the living. Fiends have many forms. They're shapeshifters. They can self-replicate and reproduce. Those that follow you may be different than ours, but the struggle is the same, and the struggle is real.

“I bang my head on an imaginary wall” is a representation of how real the struggle can get. It might be intangible and inside you, but you can hurt yourself with it.

“I dig my nails into the floorboards as I crawl” represents the inner turmoil of getting well. You want to be better, so you move forward, but you hold on to what's familiar even when it's slowing you down. Or killing you.

Self-hate is a reflex that develops when you're trying to make sense of why others have hurt you. Once you realize that they hurt you because they were hurt, the healing process can start. And when you take your power back by believing you deserve to be here and be heard, you begin the journey to self-love. “Clean” is about that journey.

We end the song with an anthem: “I am not here to please. I am out of apologies. I am clean.”

You are not alone in your struggles. They make you the beautiful human that you are. You may not see it yet, but we do.


Business today is dynamic. Trends move faster than ever, and attachment to legacy systems could be holding your company back. If you want to be on the leading edge, you must leave those outdated, manual systems behind and move your financial planning and accounting department into the future. Get ready to optimize your business!

Here are five FP&A practices to ditch in 2018:

1. Only Setting Annual Targets

The assumptions that drive annual targets are static, and what's worse is that they sometimes have large margins of error. They're guesses at best, and guessing does little to help your business. The projections set during the previous year are often irrelevant by the time Q1and Q2 arrive. And focusing on forecasts that are no longer meaningful is distracting for your team because it forces them to be reactive instead of proactive and engaged….


From the famous Caribbean beaches of Tulúm to the booming metropolis of México City, México has something for everybody. With a rich history that spans back to pre-Columbian times, bears the marks of Spanish Colonialism, it’s home to a culturally diverse population. The first people appeared 13,000 years ago, and remnants of the advanced Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacan, Toltec, and Aztec civilizations abound.

The country is about three times the size of Texas and offers any kind of natural environment or climate you can dream up. Set up your home base in México City (CDMX) and explore the pyramids of Teotihuacan, eat some of the best food that you'll ever have, stroll through the markets, visit the incredible museums, and sample the nightlife. Alternatively, head to Jalisco and take a Tequila Tour, visit one of the rambling haciendas in the highlands, head to Oaxaca for Dia De Los Muertos, or visit the cenotes and star-studded beaches of Tulúm. Here are eight of the most storied hotels that will give your visit to México even more flavor….

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