Commitment Sessions

Sometimes we think we’re committed to building the lives we want, but we’re really committed to staying small and stuck. Trust me, I know. I've been there. Patterns and tendencies are deep-seated and rooted. We may have convinced ourselves that we’ve been on our path, but the potentially painful truth is that unless you are seeing results, there is more work to be done. Once you are willing to give to your goals and dreams your full attention and work through what's been blocking you, the seed of what you love will germinate. It will transform your world and begin to bloom into the collective.

Our work together will focus on some small or large part on cultivating the willingness to be seen. A beautiful, vibrant body is visible. Pithy copy that gets your essence across will attract clients. Expressing yourself might make you feel naked. But if you commit to showing up in our sessions, your words, deeds, and actions will take on a whole other tenor. You'll step into your power and embody it.

Sessions are best suited to those who have already done some personal transformation work.

Commitment Session

Take your life to the next level.

Commitment Sessions are one on one meetings designed to give you clarity. You’ll find out whether your actions match up with what you say that you want to create.

If they do, we’ll examine other areas in life that might be holding you back. If they don’t, I’ll help you uncover what you're committed to right now. Then I’ll come up with a roadmap that points home, including exercises to keep you on track.

$55 | 55 minutes

5 Commitment Sessions

There’s only so much that can we can accomplish in one session.

Imagine what would happen if you spent five weeks uncovering the parts of your life that needed your attention and unwavering focus.

It’s easy to be on autopilot, but real change takes dedication and a willingness to see through your blind spots.


10 Commitment Sessions

Make some serious headway in your life by giving yourself ten weeks of commitment sessions. Not for the faint of heart! Committing to your life will change it.