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Genius and Dysfunction
Copy of Your genius is right next to your dysfunction.png

I heard Graham Duncan on the Tim Ferriss Show, and this quote resonated with me. The actual quote is, "Everyone's genius is next to their dysfunction," but it felt more powerful to say "your genius" and "your dysfunction, " because that gives you ownership over both sides of that proverbial coin.

I'd even take it a step further to say that your genius can be found within your dysfunction. So consider this an iteration. 

Trouble is, it's hard to commune with your dysfunctional patterns and geniuses long enough to figure out how they feed parts of you and starve others. They link up for the danse macabre, and birth beauty through devastation. 

That's a broader conversation, but for now, I invite you to ask yourself, "How does my dysfunction feed me? How does it starve?"